Extra Services

Resume Proofread: When you’re trying to nail the job you really want, it’s important that your resume looks polished and professional. I can proofread your resume to ensure there aren’t any typos, misspellings, or grammar mistakes. $25/1 pass or $40/2 passes

Blurb Proofread: The blurb of a book is what catches your reader’s attention and convinces them to buy and read. Let’s work together to ensure your blurb is polished and ready to go! $25/1 pass or $40/2 passes

Outline Critique: Outlines are an important part of the writing process for many writers. I’ll look over your outline and give you feedback to help you prepare to write your manuscript. $20/1 pass or $30/2 passes

Proofread for less than 10,000 words (not a blurb or resume): $50/1 pass or $80/ 2 passes